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    This is my first time visiting the fine dining restaurant. It’s really different from restaurants what I’ve gone before. The restaurant does look elegant whatever on its space, ambient conditions and signs. The kitchen is also very clean compare to other restaurants I saw before. All employees are dressed very professional as well. And what surprised me is their wine storage, that’s a lot, it looks like a wine shop, but all wines are in high quality. However, I will never choose to dine with friends in this kind of environment because I’m not feel comfortable to eat there, I feel it’s too serious for me.

    For Chelsea Market, I realized that most of them are quick and casual service restaurants. I think it’s more convenient for people because customers like to walk around in Chelsea market, they are not there to dine with friends for a couple of hours, they want to buy something from gift shops and try different foods in the market. So they are so many take out and quick service inside of the Chelsea market.

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