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  • Brooklyn Bistro and Wine Bar
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    Meisa Richards

    As a class we went to the Brooklyn Bridge Bistro and Wine Bar. Before this new name the restaurant was under the name of Brooklyn Bridge Cafe. On an unusually long break between classes I tried the cafe and ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. It was terrible. The chicken was dry while the bread was hard and stale. I did not enjoy any of it.
    As for the location of the restaurant, I have taken classes at all hours of the day at NYCCT up until 10 P.M. and have walked past that restaurant at night on my way to the bus stop. I have found the area to be deserted past the hour of 8 P.M. I do not think that the restaurant is located in an ideal spot for foot traffic. Although it is located near the Brooklyn Bridge, most people are not walking the bridge at night nor are they doing so in the winter, these two aspects make the restaurant not ideal of a location.
    I was pleasantly surprised that the restaurant was not only under new management but had a full renovation. I am excited to go back and try some of the interesting drinks and food from the menu. As for the restaurant manager I thought that she was well informed and knew about her restaurant. I liked the fact that she worked from the bottom up, being that she was a waitress in the old restaurant and became a co-owner in this restaurant. She explained that the key to being successful in any restaurant is hard work. She stated that she worked very hard and made many mistakes. I appreciated her telling us that, because sometimes people want to give the pretty side of their success, but not what it takes to be successful. Her honesty was refreshing. I also appreciated that she extended herself to us by telling us if we had any further questions about the restaurant industry we could always come back to her when the restaurant was not so busy during the lunch rush.

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