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  • Study Guide, Italy and Sparkling Wine, Updated for Spring 14
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    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Identify the following regions on a map of Italy: Tuscany, Piedmont, Veneto, Campania
    Identify important DOCG, DOC, IGT from the regions mentioned above using the text as guide and the grape variety of the listed DOCG, DOC, IGT (the format will be the same as the French quiz)
    Know basic climate conditions for each of the regions mentioned above
    Utilizing class notes, and the text describe one important fact about each region
    Name the 4 categories of Italian wine laws and identify the categories that are the most and least strict
    Review the “proposed test questions” presented by your classmates (note that not all groups posted as of 11pm 4/6/14).

    Sparkling Wine:
    Identify and explain the various ways of making sparkling wine and Champagne
    Identify the soil of Champagne
    Explain the climate of Champagne
    List the grape varieties of Champagne and Prosecco

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