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    New York City College of Technology, CUNY
    Department of Hospitality Management
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    To: Professor Rosa Abreu, Director of Service
    From: Adam Sliwka, Student
    Date: February 25th, 2019
    RE: Bistro Pierre Lapin

    In this week article, Pete Wells wrote a review on a French restaurant called Bistro Pierre Lapin, located at 99 Bank Street, West Village. In the review, he explains that a lot of French restaurants last a short period of time. He said that from his experience he can see that a lot of French restaurants are opening and closing really soon that you can’t even realize. In the review, Pete Wells tells us that he went to this restaurant with other members and that he ordered a baked Brie and one of his friends ordered frog legs and the other balle de matzo en consommé which in English means a nice bowl of chicken soup with a single matzo ball. He also stated that “As soon as you order, you get a preview of what you’re in for: A length of chewy, substantial baguette arrives with a small mound of cultured butter, a pile of truffled cheese spread and a pink hunk of rustic pork pâté.” This means that the restaurant is giving a preview of the taste of the things they ordered and they bringing it even before the appetizers. He also explains that the menu is very wide and it goes longer than it should. Then he describes two desserts which were the coconut cake and the chocolate mousse. He let us know that the coconut cake was made in a French style and that for some people it would be really tasty and for some it would be too leaden. For the chocolate mousse, he said that is was good but it could be more airy.
    Overall he gave this restaurant a one star in the rating. I’m not sure why only one star because the way he talked about the restaurant seemed that he liked it. I would like to visit this restaurant one day because of a large menu and the ability to preview your order.

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