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Department of Hospitality Management
Janet Lefter Dining Room

To: Professor Abreu, Director of Service
From Alberta Owusu (Student)
Re: Restaurant Review “Madame Vo BBQ”
The article for this week by Peter Wells begins with the Setup of Madame Vo, a restaurant for a Vietnamese couple Yen Vo and Jimmy Ly who are both immigrants to the United States. He explains that, in terms of the menu, the couple basically concentrate on the traditions of the Vietnam where it is known by as bo bay mon, as well as in as in San Jose, Calif.
He Further tells how successful the couple have been by opening the Madame VO BBQ After the success of their first restaurant, Madame Vo. Jimmy being the chef and his wife, Yen Vo being the proprietors, one can imagine a good food and services at their restaurant. Some popular dishes of the restaurant include Beef which is typically boi tai chanh, a raw beef and a high point too.
Peter Wells seems to give the couple some credit in terms of their menu “The finest of these might be relatively straightforward five- spice toung”. A good unique and different ways of grilling is a form of attraction to the restaurant. The type of salad they serve is also healthy and appetizing. They serve varieties of grilled vegetables which is much healthier but their fish sit on the tables to get cold while there are long lines waiting for salad. Their prices, Appetizers and other dishes $8 to $38 and their beef seven ways $59, In terms of the physical set up and internal decoration, Peter gives a review. It is an attractive restaurant and in terms of noise it is moderate.
According to Peter Wells Review, I am interested to visit the restaurant because I feel their food is much healthy with a good internal decoration. No too much noise which makes it a little calm and comfortable to enjoy your food.


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