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  • NYT Restaurant Review "Instead of Making Turkey"
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    To: Prof. Abreu, Director of Service
    From: Jairo Ducos,
    Date: November 27, 2017
    Re: Restaurant Review

    This week I read the New York Times review by Pete Wells about Gotham Bar and Grill. This review seemed more pointed towards eating out for Thanksgiving and its benefits than an actual restaurant review. It was a little confusing as he spent some of the article discussing individuals that have decided to eat at a restaurant and not cook at home. I believe it seems that he is promoting more than one restaurant, but focusing on Gotham Bar and Grill. He goes on and expresses that it might be easier and more enjoyable to go out for Thanksgiving. He explains his reasons by explaining that the ambiance is more of an easy-going atmosphere, an individual has more choices than turkey, family discussions are more controlled and of course, no washing dishes.

    After reading the article I decided that I will not visit Gotham Bar and Grill or any restaurant for Thanksgiving. Wells has many good points on why it might be easier or better to eat out. But those same points also take away from what Thanksgiving is about. One who usually host Thanksgiving dinner usually loves to host and most likely cook. The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction of cooking Thanksgiving dinner is nonexistent. The enjoyment of normal traditions might have to be eliminated if visiting a restaurant. In my opinion Thanksgiving is not only about the food, but the memories it creates, the good, the bad, the funny and the ugly.

    As I read the article again, I decided that I would not recommend eating out for Thanksgiving unless the individual I am talking to wants to make it easy or one whom is not a big fan of it or has no traditions tied to the holiday. I would also recommend it to anyone spending Thanksgiving by themselves. If they do want a suggestion, the turkey breast that is brined, marinated and roasted from Gotham Bar and Grill sounds amazing. As I am a fan of Thanksgiving at a home, is good to know there are many good choices to choose from.

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