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  • NYT "Instead of Making Turkey, They Make Reservation"
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    New York City College of Technology, CUNY

    Department of Hospitality of Management

    Janet Lefler Dining Room

    To: Professor Abreu, Director of Service
    From: Kounthida Phansourivong, Student
    Date: November 27, 2017
    Re: NY Times Article; Restaurant Review by Pete Wells

    This week article that Pete Wells did was titled “Instead of making Turkey, they make Reservation” talks about the pros of eating out during thanksgiving. In the article, he interviewed different families who’d prefer to eat out during thanksgiving. There are definitely many pros in eating out during thanksgiving such as;
    1.You don’t have to cook your our food and for other people.
    2.There are many varieties for you to choose from if you go out to the restaurant.
    3.If you are alone you can socialize with others.
    4.You can see the thanksgiving parade if you’re close by.
    These are just some of the pros that most of the interviewees claim that they enjoy eating out more then having to cook at home whether it’s for yourself and families or for friends.
    In my opinion there’s definitely pros and cons to eating out or cooking thanksgiving meals at home. It depends on what kind of person or mood you have, if you are too lazy to cook at home then go out and enjoy your night at a friend’s or family’s house or just go out and eat. However, if you prefer to cook thanksgiving meals where you can invite others to your house you can still enjoy the experience.

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