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  • NY Times Resturant review - "At Ugly Baby, the Name Isn’t All That’s Unusual
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    New York City College of Technology
    Department of Hospitality Management

    Janet Lefler Dining Room
    To: Professor Abrue
    From: Arturo Navarrete
    Date 12/04/2017
    RE: At Ugly Baby, the Name Isn’t All That’s Unusual” NY Times Restaurant Review, by Pete Wells

    The Ugly Baby has done something unusual. Something that is almost impossible to get, that’s how Pete well starts his restaurant review this week. Pete Well explain that you cannot ever get something “good, cheap and fast” all at the same time, but this Thai restaurant has gone out of his way on making all three happen. and it seems that Wells is happy with it. Wells goes deep into their menu description with the dishes that he order so that the reader can understand what his trying to say. the first one seem to be his favorite since he describe it as the best dessert before getting their meal. the meal that he order had all this weird blend of flavor that made him happy, is something very little people can accomplished.

    After reading this article it gave me kind of an interest on visiting this Thai restaurant to experience Thai food fro the first time. I haven’t try Thai food yet. so I feel that eating at this place will be the ideal start on Thai food.

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