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  • New York Restaurant review -Ugly baby
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    Lisbel Hernandez

    ​The article “Ugly baby” by Pete Wells is about a thai restaurant pete wells visited where he describes his experience on the food he was able to see and taste. Pete wells begins by describing from his experience how he believes thai restaurants serve good, fast and cheap food. Also pete wells mentions the different variety of ingredients in most of the thai dishes. Pete wells also speaks about the different dishes he has tasted from different thai restaurants, and slowly compares his experiences with previous visited thai restaurants.

    Moreover, pete wells begins by talking about ugly baby and how when he visited it, he first started with dessert. He speaks about the different components of the desert he ordered which was called tu ka ko. Which he explains was a coconut fried cake with sweet black bean and taro with topped chopped peanuts. Pete wells explains how he really enjoyed this dish because it reminded him of a few desserts he really likes and finalizes with how perfect this dessert it. After dessert pete wells decided to taste one of the meals served at ughly baby.

    However, this meal was called kang ho. Rice which is a thailand dish composed of rice, mixed with curried pork and lastly topped with fried pork skins which is what pete describes as fritos. He comments on this dishe and says how delightful it was for him in his taste buds. Pete wells also goes on by talking about other different thailand dishes from different restaurants that are hiresturants. Some that he mentions are such as the duck curry from the restaurant Ayada and also the papaya salad with crispy catfish from sripraphai.

    Furthermore, pete wells goes on speaking about the other dishes he enjoyed that Ughly baby served such as kang kua supparod which pete describes is a slice of mushroom with tofu in a creamy sauce of chopped finely pineapple and coconut milk. He explains that what he enjoyed the most of this dish was the fact that it could be seen from the sauce and taste that’s the sauce contained different types of ingredients such as lemongrass and chile and much more.

    Finally, pete explains where Ughly baby is located and how to get there. He explains that it’s located. In carroll garden and explains that the trains that can take one there is the F and G.iPete wells also speaks about the history of the location where Ughly baby is recently located in such as the the different passed thailand restaurants that where there before Ugly baby.

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