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To: Prof. Abreu, Director of Service
From: Jodie Zhao
Date: November 28,, 2017
Re: Restaurant Review

This week, Pete Wells gave two stars to Ugly Baby, a Thai restaurant that focuses on highlighting the less known dishes of Thailand. This review has many descriptions of the dishes on the menu- most are written to show off the dishes positively. Dishes like tue ka ko (fried coconut cakes), kang kua (mushroom pineapple curry), and kao tod nom klook (warm rice salad with roots) are delicious but not yet on the radar for most guests- casual waiters with bright colored t-shirts help guide the diners to the right dish.

It seems from this review, Pete Wells regards Chef Sirichai Sreparplarn highly. He mentions he was involved with Chiang Man and Kao Soy, older Thai restaurants that were popular in Brooklyn. He mentions how Chef Sirichai serves “the real food from the north” but also showcases Kua kling (beef curry) from southern Thailand. I would love to visit this restaurant to try these unfamiliar dishes.

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