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To: Prof. Abreu, Director of Service
From: Gloria Garcia, Student
Date: December 4, 2017
Re: Restaurant Review – Ugly Baby

For this week’s restaurant review, Mr. Wells dined at Ugly Baby. The establishment is located in Carroll Gardens, across Smith Street. It has been opened since August and its lineage goes back to two previous restaurants in Red Hook: Chiang Mai and Kao Soy. Sirichai Sreparplarn shared chef duties in the previous restaurants and is now in charge of Ugly Baby, the name comes from the Thai superstition that evil spirits won’t bother harming unattractive infants. Their menu does not go past $25. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very laid back almost to the point where you think it’s a bar.

Pete Well’s dining experience started with tue ka ko, four little fried coconut cakes with sweet black beans and taro sticks along with chopped peanuts. Kang hoh is another dish he tried, it is a rice vermicelli tangled up with tender pork in a tamarind-soured dry curry from northern Thailand. The restaurant only serves one dessert when it’s available which is Rice Pudding with Durian. It is a very debatable dish since some may love it, others will think that durian tastes like boiled pearl onions or some may want to keep their distance.

Overall, Pete Wells stated that some dishes were exceptional and are now part of his map of great Thai dishes in the city along with the Duck Curry at Ayada and the Papaya Salad with crispy ground catfish at Sripraphai. He gave the restaurant a two stars rating which clearly reflects on his review. I will personally go eat at this restaurant due to their menu choices and the ambiance of the restaurant itself.


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