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    Bryan Caba


    To: Prof. Abreu, Director of Service

    From: Bryan Caba, Student

    Date: September 24, 2018

    Re: Restaurant Review

    Pete Wells visits a restaurant called Shoji which is located at 69 Leonard Street and as he goes into the restaurant he notices that it’s not filled with customers. Food critic, Pete Wells didn’t dislike the fact that he was the only person eating in the restaurant. Through, top restaurants are expected to attract customers. But, that didn’t stop Shoji from earning three stars

    The restaurant, Shoji is owned by Derek Wilcox, a non-Asian man from Virginia. In Mr.Wilcox’s restaurant, sushi and other types of Japanese foods are served. According to Pete Wells, one of Wilcox’s dish that contained sea urchin and eggplant, gave a sense of summer in Japan in which is the season to harvest sea urchins. Wells also ate sashimi of some sort in which, the fishes were leaner and softer because the fishes that were used for this particular sashimi dish were young. Wells acknowledges that the Wilcox shows a Japanese traditional sense of hospitality in terms of how he treats the customers and the food being served.

    Food Critic, Pete Wells was looking forward to eating “chawanmushi, a bowl of steaming-hot tofu custard”.Unfortunately, that dish was not on the menu as it was not relevant to the summer theme Shoji displayed. Instead, he served lobster chawanmushi in respect to the clambake season. Based on “Sushi and Kaiseki in an Exceptional One-Man Show”, as Wells describes the service in a Japanese restaurant, it seems that he was involved in an Omakase( Chef’s choice) as he was eating based on the food course sequence.

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