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  • memo october 4th
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    TIffany Rivas

    New York City College of Technology, CUNY
    Department of Hospitality Management

    Janet Lefler Dining Room


    To: Professor Abreu, Director of Service
    From: Tiffany Rivas, Student
    Date: October 4, 2018
    RE: New York Times Review

    Now a days it is hard to find authentic and simply restaurants in New York City, simplicity and old fashion traditional foods in restaurants should never go unnoticed. Pate Wells article, “At Kopitiam, Malaysian Food Powers Through some Growing Pains” discusses why the restaurant Kopitiam located at 151 East Broadway, Chinatown is the place to visit.

    As a person who loves trying new food also learning about different countries and their way of creating impeccable dishes is fantasizing to me, the first thing that stood out to me at this restaurant is that employees learn how to brew fine arts of Malaysian Kopi, which is brew by pouring hot water over grounds in the bottom of a sock, rather than teaching them the way most people in this generation make coffee in an expresso machine. I find this so amusing because although this is a different country my family was brought up in making coffee by hand and pouring water into a sock as well. I didn’t think a restaurant would do the same, I love the old-fashion style Kopitiam brings to the table. All their dishes are very inexpensive which is amazing for all the food that guest are eating, there dishes typically go for $3-15 and from the pictures I honestly can say that I actually want to go here within the near week, it would be prefect for a quick breakfast and lunch atmosphere with a few friends. Although Wells rated the restaurant a one-star I would still be visiting, he actually liked it but wasn’t in love with it…

    “Providing over 70 years of quality service to the Hospitality Industry”

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