New York City College of Technology, CUNY

Department of Hospitality Management

Janet Lefler Dining Room




To: Prof. Abreu

From: Madelin Alvarez, Student

Date: September 26th2018

Re: Reinforcement of Training


Pete Wells visited Shoji a Japanese based restaurant located at 69 Leonard street. When Wells began the article he did it with a Derek Wilcox’s quote which stated how people thought that Sushi was not a dish to have during the summer and how they were wrong. In this article, Wells talks about negative things and positive things about Shoji. One of the first impression that Wells had and he entered the restaurant was that it was empty. He explained that he was the only one in the restaurant which according to him was very unfair due to the fact that Shoji was one of the top Japanese restaurants in the city that provides a derived menu and that New Yorkers should visit this restaurant more.


Even though, Wells was disappointed due to the lack of clientele in the restaurant he was not unhappy with him being the only customer at the restaurant due to the fact that he had an opportunity to have a conversation with Mr. Wilcox, the person in charge of the restaurant with the hope of also learning about his experience abroad. He explained that Mr. Wilcox has worked for prestigious places in Japan leaving him with a set of skills that can take impress anyone and he expressed his excitement to learn about Sushi that summer night of August. Wells, proceeded to describe every dish that was presented to him, he would describe these dishes and explain their appearance and taste.


Also, something that Wells pointed out about Mr. Wilcox was his selective way of getting sea goods to serve them at Shoji. Wells, said that Mr. Wilcox would wait certain times of the year to look for specific fishes in specific places. This again adds to the quality of every single dish that is offered at Shoji which clearly explains Wells disappointment at the beginning of the article when he saw the restaurant empty. Also, Wells suggested that Mr. Wilcox could open a Kaiseki restaurant because he believed that it would set a new standard in the city, once again, he expressed his insecurities when it comes to the support of the city, but he stated that it would be spectacular.


Taking into consideration Pete Wells review on Shoji Restaurant, I would like to go to this restaurant, due to the fact that Mr. Wilcox makes the effort to provide quality goods to his clientele and it unjust that people in NYC are not appreciating the quality of Shoji.


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