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To: Professor Abreu

From: Zaid Monsour

Date: September 26, 2018

RE: NY Times Restaurant review


Pete wells dined at the popular restaurant Shoji at 69 Leonard street. Shoji is a japanese sushi restaurant that serves a kaiseki-derived menu. kaiseki-derived menu is is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. The term also refers to the collection of skills and techniques that allow the preparation of such meals. Wells rated Shoji 3 stars which means Pete was satisfied with their food. When Pete Wells dined in and he sat alone at a table that accommodates 12 people, which he was surprised because he thought there should be no empty seats.


Mr. Wilcox who took over the restaurant who cooked at a kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto called Kikunoi for seven years and then spent three more at a traditionalist sushi parlor. Pete wells explains that is equivalent to having a PhD IN Japanese cuisine. Mr.Wilcox serves top quality seafood he gets bioluminescent firefly squid when they are the size of a thumb nail and as Pete Well said “it is unbelievably smooth and as meltingly soft” Also, Mr. Wilcox tracks bluefin that has been caught from healthy stocks. In addition, Wells talks about the service from his waiter/waitress was minimal for a bill that costed him $252. All the waiter did was refill his water and take drink orders and the lowest costing beverage was a beer which was $12.


Pete Wells does a phenomenal job on describing his experience, overall service,  and the food he consumed. I would like to eat at Shoji because one of my favorite foods is sushi and the way he describes the quality and the texture to be outstanding. However, the cost of the food menu is very expensive especially since Pete ate alone. Even though it is expensive Pete Wells makes it seem like it is a Japanese sushi restaurant that is a must go to.

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