To: Professor R. Abreu, Director of Service
From Michelle Mai, Student
Date: September 20, 2018
RE: New York Times- Restaurant Review

On Tuesday September 18, 2018 Pete Wells have again posted another article on a restaurant. This restaurant is called Shoji. It’s located on 69 Leonard Street in Manhattan and it’s a Japanese restaurant. This restaurant has recently lost a lot of business because a lot people aren’t visiting the store as much because of the summer season. The owner, Mr. Wilcox say that it isn’t an excuse to not visit sushi restaurant because it understood that fish can easily go bad in the summer time. Mr. Wilcox response with a pretty decent answer of if you know your products, then you shouldn’t be scared to server it. As the author continues writing about his experience at the restaurant, he brings in a money value, telling the readers that this place is expensive. Mr. Wells tells us that the cheapest item they have is a $12 beer. Some of the food was worth it, such as the octopus and the eggplant dish but not everything was. Mr. Wilcox was meant a lot in the article because he tried his best to connect with his guest, but not likes that. The food on the plate look like art piece. Its elegant and simple.