New York City College of Technology, CUNY

Department of Hospitality Management


Janet Lefler Dining Room




To: Prof. Abreu, Director of Service

From: Madelin Alvarez, Student

Date: October 3rd2018

Re: Restaurant Review


Pete Wells this time visited Kopitiam and Malaysian restaurant located on the East Broadway in Chinatown. Wells, started to think about what would have happened if Howard Schultz the CEO of Starbucks would have flown to Penang instead of Milan when he got interested in coffee. Wells, started to think about the different combination of drinks that we would have today if Mr. Schultz would have taken his inspiration based on the drinks at Penang.


Wells, the proceeds to describe the restaurant saying the gave him a homely vibe, in the article he gave a scenario of the vibe that he was feeling at this restaurant which gives the impression that the restaurant is very traditional and had not been modernizing. Wells, then started to give a brief history of the restaurant he said that the original Kopitiam was located in Canal street, but it was a very small place, therefore the owner Ms. Pang with her partner decided to move to a bigger yet private place.


Pete began to talk about the positive things about Kopitiam, he mentioned bek-kopi that the restaurant offers and emphasized that we might like to have some more. Also, Wells talked about different Malaysian dish that was very good for him and showed to be fascinated with the smell that was being released from the kitchen. He explained, that this restaurant made a good job when it comes to combining savory and sweet flavors together and at the same time making a distinction between them in the same dish. Wells, also pointed out how skillful Ms. Pang was when it comes to baking her own deserts and being very good at it.


Taking into consideration Pete Wells review I think that I would to this restaurant just on weekdays, due to the fact that Wells mentioned that on weekends the crowd tends to be higher and since the place is not as big as many people would want it to be that is a problem. Wells said, that a sheet would be put out so people can sign in and when you are finally seated there might be some problems with the food and sometimes they would run out of tea and coffee.


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