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To:        Prof. Rosa Abreu

From:   Chris Raghubir

Date:    10/04/2018

Re:       New York Times Restaurant Review


Pete Wells was being a little sarcastic, insinuating that the wait for his cortado at Kopitiam on 151 E. Broadway was a long one. Wells’ pass the time thinking about, what would the CEO of Starbuck would have done if he had gone to Penang instead of Milan.

Kyo Pang had started this restaurant three years ago and constructed it around the Malaysian culture. Koptitam is more of a hangout where people just meet up and gossip over breakfast. When the first Kopitiam opened in 2015 the place was graced with only 4 seats. From 9 a.m. till 10 p.m. you can enjoy a national Malaysian dish called the nasi lemak.

Koptitam also served a coconut infused pandan leaves wrapped around rice. They also have a pandan leaves wrapped a chicken sausage, ground five-spice pork rolled inside bean-curd skins and fried. Kopitiam served a variation of Malaysian food which got Wells’ interested in this unique restaurant.

I am curious to visit this unique place because it reminded me of small food shops my country. I will probably start with the different style of coffee and then see where it goes from there.










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