New York City College of Technology, CUNY

Department of Hospitality Management


Janet Lefler Dining Room


To: Professor Abreu


From: Shawn Allie


Date: October 4, 2018


Re: New York Times Restaurant Review


Pete Wells creates an “what-if” factor when thinking what if Howard Schultz went to Penang instead of Milan. Would the Malaysian culture be more relevant in today’s society?

Kopitiam Is typically an longue with breakfast, where people usually gather to gossip and discussions intel. Its location previous was very small (4 seats) which created a issue for its heavy anticipated customers. So Ms. Pang and Moonlynn Tsai decided to move their malaysian establishment to 151 East Broadway.

Your breakfast can consist of “fish ball soup, grape-size globes of ground fish in a cloudy white broth”. You can also find a caramel-brown honeycomb cake made from yours truly Ms. Pang. In an overall review of the restaurant i would visit Kopitiam, because of their authentic dishes along with many unique beverages.




               “Providing Over 70 Years of Quality Service to the Hospitality Industry”