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Janet Lefler Dining Room


To: Professor Abreu, Director of Service
From: Maria Claris S. Pineda, student
Date: October 4, 2018
Re: NY Times Restaurant Review

In Pete Wells’ recent article, he takes on Malaysian cuisine in a restaurant called Kopitiam on East Broadway in Chinatown. It is founded by Kyo Pang three years ago and it was developed as a place of tribute for Malaysia’s coffee and tea parlors. Instead of serving full course meals like any other English dining restaurant. Kopitiam serves snack like items that can be considered as small meals. The items are usually breakfast-to-brunch items, but it is sold throughout until their closing time. Wells sees a new perspective with how coffee and tea are taken in by Malaysian culture compared to the western ways of drinking it. He even says “Starbucks, the company he joined after that trip and would eventually lead, might teach its employees the fine arts of Malaysian kopi, brewed by pouring hot water over grounds in the bottom of a sock, rather than show them how to operate an espresso machine.”
Wells’ impression on Kopitiam’s Malaysian cuisine was good enough that he loved every combination of the dish and strongly recommended it. Service-wise, he stated that when a swarm of customers start coming in to dine, the servers would come into confusion and chaos; but even though, the servers stayed warm and kind to the customers, and the food makes up for their lack of good service.
Based on this review, I personally would like to go and eat at Kopitiam. South Asian food seems to be the trend these days (or at least that’s how I seem to have noticed). The prices seem to fit my budget, and who’s also a brunch person that loves coffee and tea, it is a definite must visit restaurant with my friends who are into asian cuisine.

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