New York City College of Technology, CUNY

Department of Hospitality Management

Janet Lelfer Dining Room

To: Prof. Abreu, Director of Service
From: Fyaad Nazim, Student
Date:             September 30 ,2018


Re: NY times restaurant review


According to the article the original Kopitiam was first located on the corner of canal street.  The place was quite small only holding four seats, until he partnered up with a new business owner, and moved to a larger place.  Since the place expanded, the menu also got bigger and had much more varieties of food.  Kyo Pang had founded this restaurant and built it around Malaysian food.  Koptitam served traditional Malaysian food such as nasi lemak, Pandan leaves wrapped around a kind of chicken sausage, or a fish ball soup, grape-size globes of ground fish in a cloudy white broth.  Different variation of Malaysian food was a big factor on why Wells was attracted to this restaurant.

You can tell that Wells overall experience was good, based on the way he described the food, and how it was coming one after the other.  Wells did notice that the weekends were of course more packed then usually.  He stated “Weekend brunch is another story, as it often is. The menu is the same, but the crowds thicken.”  There was a sign in sheet, and you would have to wait until your name is called.  Wells also noticed how they were tremendously busy and claim that some task weren’t done.  Task such as unfilled water glasses, orders stacking up, or coffee not being poured.  Besides those issues he couldn’t help to state how good the food was, as stated “Even with a backlog of tickets, though, the food trickling out of the kitchen is almost unfailingly terrific.”

Based on Wells observations, I am willing to try their food.  First reason being that I always wanted to try Malaysian food, and it’s located right here in the city.  The main reason I would visit is because the servers seem to forget a lot of things when busy, but that didn’t stop Wells from complimenting how amazing the food was.  If that’s the case, there traditional Malaysian meals has to be worth it, and you can count me in.


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