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    The article At Günter Seeger NY, a Star Chef Resurfaces, Confidence Intact by Pete Wells is about Pete Wells visit to a restaurant named Günter Seeger NY located at 641 Hudson Street (Horatio Street) West Village. Günter Seeger is the chef and owner of the restaurant Günter Seeger NY. Mr. Seeger is a confident chef who’s had many successes in the kitchen.
    From reading this article, back then the restaurant Günter Seeger NY was a lot different. They had a different policy which didn’t make the people happy who would want to visit Günter Seeger NY. There policy didn’t have reservations nor valet parking and they wanted the customers to pay 185 dollars per person to dine in. Mr. Seeger changed the old policy so that his customers can come and not complain. The new policy was 100 dollars per person and you get 48 hours to cancel the reservations. Pete wells expected the food at Günter Seeger NY to be close to perfect because of the upscale prices of the food. When Pete wells got his first two meals he said it was nearly perfect because of the taste, and presentation of the food. Chef Seeger didn’t try to hard and he made such a simplicity dish into an extravagant and tasty dish. According to Pete wells Günter Seeger NY is a tremendous restaurant.
    If I had to recommend this restaurant to someone I would recommend it to someone according to the person’s price range. Because Günter Seeger NY is very expensive and not the best looking restaurant but you would probably taste the best food you would rather ever try.

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