New York College of Technology, CUNY
Department of Hospitality Management

Janet Lefler Dining Room

To: Prof Abreu, Director of service
From: Dmitriy Vladimirov, Student
Re: Pete Wells

This week Pete Wells reviewed HWA YUAN SZECHUAN restaurant. At the start he associates noodles with bad quality takeaway food to emphasize the margin between what the stereotype is and what he is about to taste.Pete Wells explains the long history of the restaurant and it’s reincarnation by Shorty’s relatives. He compares the dishes with the original restaurant and judging by the description they were not worse. He also emphasized that this restaurant doesn’t try too hard and “doesn’t twist your arm” but rather charms you. This is a change from a previous review of Aviary where he thought service was over the top.
The only negatives seem to be the soft duck skin on Peking duck and the always missing food which is unfortunate as you might not be able to try some dishes.
Overall the restaurant got a very favorable review with 2 stars. At the end Pete Wells ends on a good note saying that he will try to replicate the dish just like “endless amount of impersonators” meaning that this place is a golden standard for this cuisine and should be respected

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