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To: Professor Abreu, Director of Service

From: Brandon Al, Student

Date: February, 22, 2018

Re: New York Times Restaurant Review

      This week Pete Wells reviewed a Chinese restaurant called HWA YUAN SZECHUAN by Chien Lieh Tang and his son James Tang located at 42 East Broadway, Chinatown, Manhattan. This restaurant was a byproduct of Yu Fa Tang original restaurant which was open in 1967, Hwa Yuan Szechuan Inn. Yu Fa Tang  is the grandfather of James Tang and father of Chien Lieh Tang. In the Pete Wells review It is stated that Yu Fa Tang moved from Taiwan to New York after working there for many years in the 1960s. One of his most famous dish that he would make were the cold sesame noodles and it became so famous that many chiefs started copying his style. Yu Fa Tang’s  restaurant was reported to sell about 500 pounds of noodles per day, according to Pete’s Well review.

      The revamped HWA YUAN SZECHUAN restaurant which is still in the same spot it was when it was first open is big, with three floors of elegant dining rooms. When it came to food service Pete Wells was fairly happy with them. He thought they were welcoming and helpful when it came to giving him recommendations for dishes to try. Pete Wells did enjoy how balance the family style recipes were, the spices did not overpower the other flavors of the dishes but help enhance them. He recommended many of their dishes like the Cold noodles with sesame sauce, house special Hunan chicken, and the pan-fried dumplings to name a few. Pete Wells also believes the is a little on the expensive side but for the food offered its worth it. I would gladly go to this restaurant, its right up my alley. I really enjoy the fact they serve both seafood and meat and would also like to try Chinese Sichuan cuisine.         


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