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To: Professor Abreu, Director of Service

From: Michelle Mayboga, Student

Date: February 22nd, 2018

Re: New York Times Restaurant Review



This week in the New York Time Restaurant Review, Pete Wells critiqued and awarded a restaurant called HWA YUAN SZECHUAN in Chinatown with two stars, which means it was very good and he was impressed. Throughout his review, he always mentioned cold sesame noodles and that the originator who started this trend for New York City, was a man named Yu Fa Tang who came to New York in the 60’s and opened up his own restaurant where he started making these cold sesame noodles as a specialty. Now it’s a specialty for almost every college student on a budget. He mentioned that it is a must try in this place and he had a lot of great things to say about the décor. The atmosphere was mellow, soft and played a soundtrack of what used to be called dinner music. He says that when people come to eat Asian cuisine, they would expect to be sniffling and weeping from the food but HWA YUAN SZECHUAN serves many family recipes and not everything on the menu is spicy even though the culture expects it to be. He enjoyed the pan fried dumplings, mixed baby kung pao potatoes and the tofu as well as a few more dishes he tried on the menu but he originally called before the arrival and asked to try the half duck because it seemed like a popular dish but he was not impressed. They not only did not have the half of the duck and he had to order a full one, he made a joke about the skin being flabby and it being as crisp as boiled spinach, but he complemented the meat inside saying that it was pink and flavorful.


I would defiantly recommend anyone to try this place out. I love Asian food myself so I would definitely like to see it for myself. It is very interesting to try foods of different cultures and generations of talented chefs and test their food on our own pallet.




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