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To: ProfessorAbreu, Director of Service

From: Michelle Mayboga, Student

Date: March 1st , 2018

Re: New York Times Restaurant Review


This week in the New York Times, Pete Wells critiqued a restaurant that was just opened in November called Tetsu that’s located at 78 Leonard Street, Tribeca. Masayoshi Takayama who is very famous for his great skills in the kitchen runs this American-Japanese restaurant. He originally opened up a Tetsu in Las Vegas so he decided he wanted to bring it to New York City which was a great success so far because Pete Wells rated it a two star which is very good in his book even though he was nervous about it opening in Tribeca. This chef usually charges people an arm and a leg for his amazing food but this time he decided to create a restaurant where food is very affordable and the quality to show through. Pete Wells says, “ New York has a chance to see just how good Mr. Takayama is when he isn’t hiding behind truffles and caviar” because the chef chose to step out of his comfort zone and try something new for a change. The interior design was very dark and industrial and nothing like the one in Vegas. He enjoyed many dishes such as the kale gobo slaw, duck with cabbage slaw, pork sausage skewers and the olive oil cake with mascarpone cheese and an unusual green peppercorn ice cream. Prices are relatively moderate on all these foods. $8 to $29. He enjoyed the service saying it was cheerful and usually gets very busy. They’re menu consists of two pages but for lunch they only have one page and they add a burger to the menu. Prices for lunch are also very affordable.

I would recommend this restaurant because the food looks and sounds amazing. Just looking at the photos, I can taste the different bursts of flavors. It’s great for those that are on a budget and want to enjoy quality food and drinks.







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