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To: Professor Abreu

From: Michelle Mayboga

Date: February 15th, 2018

Re: New York Times Restaurant Review

This week, Pete Wells critiqued a restaurant name “The Aviary NYC, The Office”, which is located at 80 Columbus Circle, Upper West Side and it is the replica of the original cocktail lounge that is located in Chicago and was established in 2011. Pete wells rated the establishment a two star, which is very good in his book. He enjoyed their food that was on the menu but he said that the price did not match the scrumptiousness of the food. Overall, it was not an expensive place considering that the food is so different from anything you would usually see in NYC. One of the dishes that he did enjoy was the fried buttermilk chicken sandwich with pickles and the toasted sesame seed bun and the dressing that came with it which was a toasted sesame seed sauce. He also enjoyed the shrimp tempura, but the dish that was not very pleasant for him was the cold pork belly in the banana curry, it just did not go very well. He did complement their cocktails, saying “ The Aviary is inventive and the Office respects tradition, but both mix an array of cocktails that would be unimaginable anywhere else.” He complemented the service and he said that some servers need some more learning to do but overall it was excellent.


I will recommend this restaurant to friends and family because it is a place of unusual tasted of American foods and cocktails, which is the best part of course. The décor and atmosphere looks breathtaking especially the view of NYC and Central Park.



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