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TO: Professor Abreu
From: Nadine Smart
Date: February 22 /2018
Re: Pete Wells Restaurant Review

This week Pete Wells critique Hwa Yuan Szechuan, “A Chinatown Noodle Dynasty” owned by Yu Fa Tang a Taiwan national who open his first restaurant on east Broadway in 1967. Mr. Tang specialties was cold sesame noodles that became a must have. According to Pete Wells they lodge themselves in the memory of generation of New Yorkers. However, after fire destroy the original restaurant, Hwa Yuan re-open his door once again with his grandson James Tang, to carry on their family tradition. Notable, Mr. Wells detailed analysis of Hwa Yuan Szechuan was with mixed feeling
Pete Wells reviews of Hwa Yuan Szechuan was somewhat confusing to me for the reason that he talked about them with such delight, he used phrase such as amazing in regard to their spicy wine chicken, he also states that dishes that carry the name Tang or Hwa Yung tends to be excellent. In addition to his love for snow- pea shoots and he is yet to come across any as delicious as Hwa Yuan’s. However, he gave them two stars
Obviously, Pete Wells was not impressed with his reserved Beijing duck. Which cost him 65 dollars. He stated that it was not worth ordering. he went on to describe the skin of the duck as “flabby” and as crispy as boiled spinach. He was also not impress with their carving skills. He states he glad it was only a roast duck and not a heart-surgery patient
In spite of the great things that Pete Wells has to say about Noddle Dynasty, he also had some not so delightful moments, thus with that been said I would definitely dine at China noodle dynasty, just to experience it for myself I would definitely like to taste the fish and the cold noodles

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