New York City College of Technology, CUNY
Department of Hospitality Management

Janet Lefler Dining Room

To: Prof. Abreu, Director of Service
From: Perla Jimenez, Student
Date: February 27th, 2019

Re: Serving All the Food Nouvelle Cuisine Couldn’t Kill (Bistro Pierre Lapin)

The small discrete Bistro is located in Midtown, in the shrines of the French cuisine. Pete Wells starts by saying how French Bistros have been closing down over the years and where you can find some of them now. Saying how Bistros used to be unpopular before because they were mostly dwell by psychotherapist and professors. He goes on by explaining the menu and since most of the food names are in French he gives a clear sentence explaining what the dish is and what its components. He mentions how the food is expensive in there. He talks about the wine selection which he said looks like one from four decades ago. Where the wines comes from and of course the price. It seems like he really enjoyed the wine selection because he says how he always spends more money on wine than what he has budge. He gave Bistro Pierre Lapin one star which should not be surprising for the reader at the end.

The way Wells wrote and explained the article was very clear and straightforward from the beginning. It seems as if Wells did not enjoy the time or the food as much in the restaurant. He ordered the “Brie au four” which is half a pound baked semi-hard outside, on the inside melting cheese with walnuts on top, dried figs, and served with toasted baguette. His order saved someone from eating meaty frog’s legs. Overall, the article was understandable except for the few French words that were part of the restaurant menu.

I would not go to this restaurant nor recommend it because the way Wells describes it, is as if you will not have fun there or enjoy the food in general. Also, I feel like if a restaurant appetizers are expensive, they should be extremely delicious and breathtaking; perhaps so much that a person would not find words to describe it. Wells did not seem as happy with the food as he seemed in other articles where he mentions how one plate can become his favorite. I did like the dessert options such as crème brûlée, peculiarly likable Pavlova which is perceived as a tart with a meringue crust and the passion fruit curd.

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