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  • 36 Hours Chicago
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    Amanda Marrero

    Chicago is known for many different things, but did you know that Chicago has over 200 theaters you can go too? If you love late night laughs then Chicago is the place to go. Tickets usually start at the price of $18. Not only is Chicago good for laughs but its also good when you want to go grab a bite to eat. There are many different types of food you can choose from such as there famous deep dish pizza and roast chicken. It doesn’t end there! If you’re in the mood for a good time they have dozens of alcoholic drinks to choose from and if you brought children no worries there’s plenty of non-alcoholic drinks you or anyone can have. Chicago also has activity’s outdoors and indoors . There’s a lake front tour that you can visit that I would love to go to and also bike riding across Chicago’s city to see the beautiful assets. The Art Institute of Chicago is an exhibits that I would like to visit to see the work of six counter-cultural south side-based arts. If there’s one thing that everyone has in common its food! Bellemore is a fine and friendly diner that serves richly flavored, multi-textured seasonal dishes that looks and sounds delicious!

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