HMGT1101 – [E504 / 28048] Marketing Assignment

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HMGT1101 – [E504 / 28048] Marketing Assignment
This Project is PRIVATE.
School / Office
Professional Studies
Hospitality Management
Project Description

Participate in a tour and conduct research on a selected sight on the Brooklyn Water Front and collect digital images (still or moving ) of that location to be used in promotional videos encouraging tourists to visit the promoted destination.

Role and Audience
As the Concierge of a Brooklyn boutique hotel, you and your local business development office are looking to promote sights on the Brooklyn Water Front. In collaboration with the site, you are interested in preparing a 1½-2 minute video of the Brooklyn Water Front to be aired on the in-room TV’s and to be accessed on the hotel’s web site by clients of the hotel. The clients of the hotel tend to fall into three demographic segments:
• Families with teen aged children from the East and West Coast of the United States.
• 26-35 year old affluent, single Europeans.
• 26-35 year old affluent Brazilians as part of a 1 month tour group visiting various large cities around the United States.
Note: You are allowed to be flexible with demographic groupings, as long as three groups are maintained.

• Include accurate, factual information of the promoted Brooklyn Water Front site selected.
• Include a short summary (~175-200 words) about the video and the location including two references from reliable sources.
o APA standards must be followed.
o Address the expected needs of the tourist.
o Post the video to the course website, ensure to select the “Brooklyn Bridge Concierge Submissions” in the categories section.


This project was created by: Dr. Horace D Hutchinson