HMGT 2402, Wine & Beverage Management, Fall 2012

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    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    In preparation for the exam on October 11, please focus on the following topics. Ensure to use the text, classnotes and the powerpoints. Students who find the greatest success in Wine and Beverage Management prepare flashcards as a review of each class session:

    Champagne and Sparkling Wine:
    Steps in Methode Champegnoise
    Define teh steps of Methode Champegnoise
    Other Ways of making wine sparkling wine

    Red and White Wines of France:
    Regions of France
    Appelations in the various regions
    Grape varieties specific to each region/appelation
    Identify the regions of France on a Map (NOT the appelations)
    Identify the 5 first growth wines of Bordeaux
    Identify the 10 Cru Beaujolais

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