HMGT 2402, Wine & Beverage Management, Fall 2012

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    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Dear Students “Who Study Wine”,
    I hope this message finds you, your family and your community safe, warm and ready to face the world stronger and better than ever. I am safe and I am warm but the past week has been difficult for my family, neighbors and my community so I focused my attention on supporting and helping the recovery effort of those in need but it is time to find some type of “normal” again, so, I look to study wine with you!
    The lecture for November 1st will be combined with the lecture for November 8th. Therefore, instead of studying California separately from North America we will study them together. What does that mean for you is explained in the following bullets:
    1) Read chapters 15 and 16 as directed in the syllabus
    2) Submit your Retail Shop essay in one of the following ways a) as a blog post on the site, 2) via email with the subject “retail shop essay, or 3) hand it in at the beginning of class on November 8th. I would prefer the paper to be posted as a blog but any way you choose to submit it will be fine.
    3) The quiz will be postponed until November 15 and will cover South America, Spain, California and North America
    I would like to propose a change in the winery assignment. If you have already visited a winery then GREAT, hand in the paper as explained in the syllabus. If you have NOT visited a winery yet please do not do so. You can write a paper based on the following directions and hand it in on the due date:
    1) Obtain a wine list and a dinner menu from two (2) different restaurants ( you DO NOT need to dine in the restaurant unless you want to, collecting the information from the internet is fine)
    2) At least one wine list should be extensive with a diverse set of regions, vintages and prices
    3) Compare and contrast the two wine lists. Consider the selection provided, the prices, the diversity of the lists, your ability to read and understand the wines offered.
    4) Select two menu items from each restaurant and suggest a wine to be paired with each menu item.
    5) When recommending a wine, make sure to explain why you will make the suggestion using proper industry terms.

    Please let me know if you have any questions by adding a comment to this discussion. Please also know that if you have suffered due to Hurricane Sandy and the aftermath that you should let me and your other professors know. We do have ways to help students in need.

    I am looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

    Best Wishes,
    Prof. Goodlad

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