Hall 1101-351

Kelvin Michaca

English 1101

Professor Hall

October 2, 2018

 In the article “My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead,” by Chuck Klosterman he states “The zombies you kill today will merely be replaced by the zombies of tomorrow. But you can do this, my friend. It’s disenchanting, but it’s not difficult. Keep your finger on the trigger. Continue the termination”. This means that zombies are going to continue coming the next day and yes it’s going to be hard however he also states to continue fighting and believe. In other words connecting to the Modern world obstacles are going to be accomplished but more are going to continue coming as a cycle. For example with school, today you did all the work you had to do, then the next day appears and you’ll have to do the same thing again and again. As it continues try not giving up and continue believing in yourself. This the connection between zombies and the modern life.