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Carlton Nicholson


English 1101           Professor: Dr. Carrie Hall

Why You Should  Stop What Your Doing And Go To The Nearest Museum

Do you look good enough? Are you happy with your appearance? There are so many cliché song lyrics, poems, and movies that say you shouldn’t care what other people think. Truth be told, you are always going to be concerned with what other people might think. It’s unhealthy to ignore what other people think of us completely. It is also unhealthy to be completely concerned with what other people think of us. Most things are good in moderation. So why does this matter to you? It is important to constantly remind yourself that you are a piece of art. I am not sure about your beliefs, but someone created you at the end of the day. Perhaps you believe that is was God, the universe, your mother, or all of the above. The Point is you are a piece of art and you should treat yourself accordingly.

Take a look in mirror! Now What do you see? You could either be happy or sad with what you see in the mirror. Majority of people have complaints. Maybe they want to lose a little weight, clear their skin, try something new, or just stay the same. However, you have to start realizing you a piece of art. What better place to start, than a mirror?

There are many pieces of art that deals with self image. One art form that comes mind is music. Music is very powerful. A song that deals with handling self image is ‘Crooked Smile” by J.cole. The song features the R&B group TLC and deals with importance of inner beauty. In the song, J.cole is rapping about how women should be content with how they look. He is also rapping about how we shouldn’t be focused on comparing ourselves to others. Instead, we should be focused on who we truly are and what we are capable of. Sometimes you have to ask yourself sometimes, who am I really? The song Crooked Smile promotes positive thinking. You should be proud of the person you are. There are some people who aren’t necessarily proud of who they are. Therefore, it is important to work every day to be better than what you were before. I know this sounds like the same old song you heard  a thousand and one times. Nevertheless, the presentation of the message is the important part. In J.cole’s third verse he raps, “ We don’t look nothing like the people on the screen You know them movies stars, picture perfect beauty queens”. “But we got dreams and we got the right to chase’em. Look at the nation, that’s a crooked smile braces couldn’t even straighten.”

  1. cole is really trying to make you feel comfortable in your current situation, He even has another song called “Nobody’s Perfect”. ‘Crooked Smile” and “Nobody’s Perfect” are two songs on his second studio album ( Born Sinner). The studio album deals with taking yourself out of a negative mindset and that is obvious when you listen to songs on the album.

Your life is mapped out by the mindset you adapt to your lifestyle. A negative mindset can set you back a whole lot. J.cole set out to change the negative mindset that people carry around. If you think positive things. It is more likely that positive things will happen in your life. You can make the argument that the last statement isn’t necessarily true. However, you know how the saying goes; “ Do Good and Good will comeback to you”. I feel like J.cole was trying to persuade people to adapt that positive way of thinking. At least, that is what I took away from listening to the song.