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Let’s get on the topic of our societies rising interest in the undead. Zombies are not complex emotional beings yet they still capture and hold on to many peoples interest. In My Zombie, Myself : Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead, Chuck Klosterman suggest that zombies are somehow realated to our modernized world when he states, “It’s not as if zombies are changing to fit the world’s conditions …..something  about zombies is becoming more intriguing to us”(lines66-75). Meaning that something about todays world is changing to relate more to the brainless endless storm of zombies that has infiltrated our brains and media. Klosterman then goes on to compare nonstop killing of zombies to nonstop social media intake. As if we ourselves are battling to keep our head above the over consumption of information in today’s modern world. Perhaps during our age of technology, life is becoming increasingly mondane and repetitive, as is the nature of the zombie.