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Rough Draft Tyler Walker

Tyler Walker ENG 1101-351 Vocational education is a necessity in our country, it is an outlet for many students who […]

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Shop Class as Soulcraft: Rough Draft

Shop class; an elective in schools you rarely see nowadays, why is that? Apparently to some, teaching to work with […]

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Middle Eastern voice


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Crawford essay

Giovanni Morales English 1101-351 Sept 23, 2018 In school we are mostly being prepared on how to become knowledge workers […]

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Black and Blue collar jobs

I do believe that schools should allow vocational classes in schools because that way people can have more opportunities out […]

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Vocational Skills

Amani Nassar English 1101 Dr. Hall September 24, 2018 Vocational Skills Living in a world where both white collar and […]

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Crawford Essay Carlton Nicholson

Carlton Nicholson September 17,2018 Final Draft -The dichotomy between white and blue collar workers Vocational schools are priceless when it […]

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Angelica S

Angelica Salazar English 1101               Manual skills are something that everyone should have the option to learn, learning manual skills […]

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Ahsham Nasir

Ahsham Nasir English 1101 Dr. Carrie Hall September 17, 2018 Community as a Whole Community is defined as many things, […]

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