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Never Love a “Thot”


My friend was sitting there with his head straight up looking at the sky. I could tell he was in deep thought. I was curious to know what he was thinking about so I asked him,  “Yo, you good bro? What’s on your mind?” He turned his head slowly towards me and whispered “Love no Thotties”. I was a bit startled at his response because I didn’t know what the term “Thotties” meant. Who are they and why is this guy telling me not to love them? I then asked him for clarification and he told me the whole story. So basically he had just gone through a breakup with his girlfriend. He claimed that his girlfriend was seeing other guys and cheating on him. Then he went on to tell me that listening to the song “Love no Thotties” was the only thing helping him recover from the breakup.


“Love no Thotties” is a song by a popular street rapper from Chicago who goes by the name Chief Keef. I would imagine, when you hear Chief Keef you probably imagine a guy with dreads probably rapping while doing drugs and holding gun. Well this is the image Chief Keef portrays himself as. However, this isn’t the only thing Chief Keef is known for. Chief Keef also raps about issues that he had with females like in the song, “Love no Thotties”. The song has been played over 45 million times on YouTube. You might be wondering, what exactly is a thot? Well a thot is a female who is sexually active with many partners and usually shows off her body on social media to gain attention. Although you can interpret the word thot in different ways, the basis of the word originates from “that hoe over there”. In the song “Love no Thotties”, Keef is basically responding to a phone call from a thot. The thot wants to meet Chief Keef and repeatedly asks for his location (most likely to hook up).  Keef stresses the idea to not love a thot because at the end of the day, she will just use you and move on to the next person.

This song is interesting because as Chief Keef is on the phone, he is expressing his feelings in the form of rap and his emotions change throughout the song. It is clear that in the past, Keef had many altercations with different thots. He wants his fans and listeners to be cautious and not make the same mistakes as he did. Keef starts the song off by praising the thot and in a way, luring her in to hear what he actually thinks about her. He often praises her and says “Baby cause I like you” and “You’s a gold bottle”. As the song goes on Chief Keef gets more and more aggressive. His frustration comes out and he tells her, “I don’t wanna smell you, I’ma cut you off quicker than I met you. I’ma swipe your name up of my schedule”. Chief Keef is so upset with her that he doesn’t even want to smell her in other words, be anywhere close to her.

Personally, I think Chief Keef is contradicting himself. He’s calling the woman he was with a thot but Chief Keef also hooks up with many women. If he does so, why can’t the woman do the same? Why is she labeled a thot? In the song, Chief Keef says, “I just wanna f*ck on you, I don’t wanna wife you”. Basically Keef is implying that he is using the thot for sex and he doesn’t want to commit to anything. This is why the song is somewhat controversial. I believe many males listen to this song to get over a female who left them for someone else like my friend. It reassures them that the person they were with is just a thot and moving on to another person quickly is second nature to her. At the end of the day, I believe that you can do what you want but you cannot lie to others. In a relationship point of view, you can’t tell your partner that you love them while going out and cheating on them.

I can’t relate to what Chief Keef is talking about in the song but that’s not why I listen to it. I listen to the song because it brings back childhood memories. I’m not talking about any memories with “thots” but just the nostalgia. I used to listen to this song back in 9th grade because it was hot at the time. Whenever I used to listen to it, it kinda gave me this vibe that I can’t put into words. I basically felt invincible. That’s the amazing thing about music. Everyone has their own way of interpreting something and different ideas generate through their head. That’s why I recommend you to give this song a try.  Also, I feel like people take Chief Keef too seriously. You can obviously tell that he’s having fun and joking lightheartedly while making his music. He doesn’t really rap about serious issues but he generally touches on different topics and it’s up to you how you want to define them.

All in all, I think that the song “Love no Thotties” is an interesting song that deserves your listen. It isn’t like your average rap song and doesn’t appeal to all types of people. Like I said, some people listen to this song to cope with a serious situation in their lives while others, like me, listen to it for fun and for a good time. You must admit that Keef incorporates a lot of creativity in his songs. He was rapping to a girl and telling her how he really feels about her. He responded to every little question the thot had and made it rhyme. It is safe to say that “Love no Thotties” is a creative, beautiful and unorthodox song.



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