Hall 1101-351

Amani Nassar

English 1101


October 2, 2018

When we think of monsters, we think of one of the many specific characters that exist and are distinguishable in one way or another. When we think of zombies, we think of a whole group of creatures, all of which look and act almost the same. We relate to zombies more so because we live in such a routine similar to theirs. In the article “My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead,” Klosterman writes, ”zombies are like the internet and the media and every conversation we don’t want to have”(3). In other words, the internet and media makes us brainless kind of like a zombie and our daily task become so repetitive that we sometimes fail to notice how endless it can be. Even though our lives have such a zombie effect to them, the goal is to keep pushing forward to the next day to defeat this zombie effect.