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                                           Muthanna 1

Nagmadeen Muthanna

Carrie Hall

English 1101

7 december 2018

Be Yourself


       “Kun Anta” By Humood AlKhudher is an arabic song about being yourself. A problem we face in our society and we refuse to do something about it. Humood delivers this message in a song format because he believes that in order to let your voice be heard to the youth, it should be delivered  through music. Being yourself is considered weird nowadays and you have to act,dress and talk the same way as people to fit in and be called “normal”.


       If you walk outside you will see many of the teenagers dress the same. Wearing jordans and acting like their thugs. Girls feel like they cant walk outside without makeup because they would not look pretty and need to copy famous singers/actors to look beautiful. Wasting hundreds of dollars on clothes,shoes etc. just to fit in. i have been there, when i was in highschool i felt like i need to buy expensive shoes and clothes to fit in. now i look at my past self and i feel stupid. Falling into this idiotic thought gets me frustrated now. I could have gave the money to people who need the money more than me such as the homeless. Homeless people struggle in the streets trying to live and we are falling into this society’s trap and spending all our money on shoes and clothes instead of trying to save someone’s life. This songs makes you rethink all the actions you have done and see the money that you spent or even the way you act. Are you even acting like yourself or are you acting like that celebrity that everyone talks about.

                                   Muthanna 2

            Most people walk around now with headphones listening to songs they probably don’t even enjoy. They do this so other people around them don’t think their weird. I know this girl that loves justin bieber songs. She has his whole album in her phone. I never in my life heard her listen to one song of his outside her house because everyone made fun of justin bieber in her school. She was too afraid to listen to him because she didn’t want the cool kids to unfriend her and make fun of her. So when i saw her phone again she has deleted the whole album and instead put eminem music. She told me herself she hated rap and its so stupid but she has to do it to fit in. This problem happens a lot and if you know a person who does this. I want you to go advice them and tell them to be themselves and stop trying to fit in by being fake to yourself.

         Some of you probably forgot how to be yourself because you have been acting fake your whole teenage years. Well let me teach you what it means to be yourself.  know who you are and accept yourself. knowing your strengths, passions, limitations and purpose in life and then living that way all the time. You have to make choices about how you want to live. Don’t choose a path that you don’t like but feel like you have to just to fit in. If you want to learn how to be a great person look back at your religion. The religion i believe in is islam and my prophet is my role model.

      Having a role model such as my prophet is the only person you should ever try to copy in your life. Because his way of life is so beautiful. He does not tell lies, he never backstabs anyone, he never dresses to impress. He just stays truth to who he is and brings the message

Muthanna 3

god sent him. Everyone looked at him because he did not follow the religion he believed in. he was the only one that believed in islam and him being himself and not trying to fit in converted billions to islam and that what a perfect role model looks like. Copying someone for a good reason such as their behavior to be a better person is great. If you want to be a good person always look back at your prophet because no one will ever be as good as him.


       I would definitely recommend this song to mostly teenagers. It is very easy to fall into the influence of copying others just to fit in. i would rate the song a 5 out of 5. My favorite part    of the song is when there was a line and everyone walked in. when they walked in they had to sign a contract allowing a surgeon to make them look exactly like each other and when they walked out their all dressed the same. Every single scene in this movie is perfectly matched with the lyrics and it is very well organized. This music video has over 120 million views . the only problem with this song is its in arabic. So if you don’t speak arabic you won’t understand the song. You can watch the music video and you would understand the whole songs purpose.  Next month is a new year, a new year is a new you and me. I challenge you to stop copying people and be yourself. Trust me you will thank me later.



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