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    Babu Rahman

    This article is about how students aren’t getting access to the right research tools that are needed to do research. The price for many research databases are really high. And students in collages aren’t getting any access to it. Many schools don’t have the financial resources to keep up. This is when students lose the access to the databases and it’s hard for students to gather information about their research topic. People in third world countries such as India they struggled more because they can’t afford a small fraction and it’s a poor country. It’s not as developed as America. Colleges should be able to provide databases for students to use when they are doing research. Our website gives us the right way to do research. It tells us the step by step process on how to introduce the topic, think of an argument, and gathering up the main ideas, using the right sources such as journal articles.

    Students Can’t Access Essential Research: The Right to research coalition
    The Problem: Students can’t access essential research… (Right to Research Coalition). (n.d.). Retrieved from

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