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    Sharlene Tinson

    Formulating a research topic and generating information can be extremely time consuming, you may even find yourself changing your topic several times due to the difficulty of finding efficient resources. The Hmmm app is designed to help researcher formulate questions, topics, citations and allows them find a variety of sources including books, journals, videos. This app will help researcher to paste their finish paper into the website and the computer system will automatically find uncited quotes, sources, and organize the paper. In order to make it easier for researchers we provide the option to read a preview or overview of each text result instead of clicking on or reading the entire text, each source will be cited in APA and MLA form. There will also be a 24 help service available for students, if there is external research found behind the pay wall, researchers will be able to link a debit credit or PayPal account, in order to add fund to their balance, allowing research to be paid for. Members of our website pay at a 20 percent discounted price. For conducting research on our app you will gain thought points that credited toward your account.

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    Though the Hmmm app has solutions to many problems that researcher have come across, there are plenty of solutions that people have already come up with in order to make the research experience easier and efficient. Questia is a library accessible through app or online website, this tool allows you to search using key words or an advanced search. The results gives you the option of narrowing down your search by allowing you to choice from books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and encyclopedia. Questia also includes a topic generator and detailed research tutorial videos and pdf format. This is one solution that is already available, the Hmmm app is designed perform similar tasks that will help make the research experience more

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