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    This revolutionary tool presents itself as a gadget that no other tool has done before. Many college students struggle with their literature/ English courses. They usually struggle with just the topic question in general, researching for articles that help create content for their paper, and just writing the research paper in general. This tool will help you develop your research topic and help you with the research paper in general. You first type keywords that are related with the topic you’re interested in writing. The tool will then generate a list of questions relative to the topic so you have options to choose between each questions that’ll be more convenient for you. Once you’ve successfully chose the topic question you want to work with, the tool does research for you and creates a list of possible sources to chosen from so you could use to write with in your paper. Also, if you have a physical article in hand, you can use the tool to scan the article and the tool will then read it and give you a summary of your article. Note that whichever source you pick, it gives you citations and a brief summary of the article of your choice. From there you conduct your research paper.

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