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    One of the most problematic issues when beginning a research paper is narrowing down your topic into a specific and fruitful question. According to a journal article by Head, “Other challenges were related to accessing resource materials, especially what students described as their inability to narrow down topics and make the manageable (59 percent) [. . .]”. Within the article a research study was conducted on the difficulties that arise during research papers for students. The study showed that 59 percent of students had issues narrowing their topic. When it’s hard to narrow down your topic it becomes difficult as well to find a specific research question based upon your topic. An article by ( states, “The topic you choose can make or break your research your paper. If it’s too broad, you won’t be able to finish your paper [. . .]”. Narrowing down your topic and obtaining an in depth research question are essential aspects of a well written research paper. That’s what our application is here to do. To provide you with the specificity in order to help you conduct your research paper. Business Wire described an application called iSEEK which allows you to ask a question and using its precise formula can find sources and information based on your question. While another website named Gale Opposing viewpoints displays the most popular topics in the world with information on them providing pros and cons of each topic. Although both of these applications and others such as Word Stream help in conducting a research paper, they don’t fully give you everything you need. Our research tool allows you to put a topic inside its search bar and it’ll reply with all specific questions related to that topic and subtopics. Once you’ve chosen one of the detailed questions we provided based on the topic you entered, the application then displays all the sources based on that specific question. It provides news, journals, government and many other types of sources as well.

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