Graphic Principles I

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  • An Analysis of the Experience of Visual Perception
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    Graphic Design Principle I
    Jose Rafael Ruiz Noriega

    An Analysis of the Experience of Visual Perception

    My experience on Visual Perception was something I did not expected. When I registered for
    Graphic Design Principle, I thought that the class was related about computer graphics… I was wrong. For my surprise, the class showed me more than make drawings. It showed me a new way how to describe art, pictures and objects in the most professional way. For example; I did not know what exactly the meaning of focal point and how import for your drawing, picture and object to be on the right place. Focal Point is the element in a painting that pulls in viewer’s eye that is the center of attention or the main subject. You can emphasize a focal point through color, and through the range of tones you use. During the half hour of class, our professor focuses on how magazines show their many techniques to sell their products based on focal point, colors and narrative. For example, there was an image of young men seating in barn with not t-shirts and all them looking in the same direction where a beautiful woman with a white dress laying on the floor.
    In this image, the young woman is the focal point of the whole image because she was wearing the new product of Armani that wants to sell for the summer. There is no doubt, this class improved me skills on how I see image on magazines and how I can use empty space to make my object pop it up.
    In addition; I learned a technique how to combine colors and the colors have their right partners in order to match and attract the attention of the people’s eye which helps to sell products and expresses a feeling of your product. For many people the color green symbolizes nature and ecology and red symbolizes danger, passion and sex. As you see, colors no only represent a visual perception, but also they can talk without saying any word. In fact, in class everyone knows in other to combine colors there must be a pattern such as cold, warn and hot. I love this class because it gives you the experience necessary to make the right decision with the combination of color; example, combining warn and hot colors to represent a sequence of one down and one up.
    In conclusion; my experience of Visual Perception is an amazing experience that I could have with this class not only of the content of the class; but the way how the class is teaching. We were lucky that we have a so passionate professor who loves what she does and that is something to perceive when you are attending her class. I am convinced that in order to teach any art class that professor must love art and what is involved it. There is not doubt my professor does have it.

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