Goodlad HMGT 2402 Spring 2018

Below is the set-up, service and break-down schedule. Student are asked to arrive to class 20 minutes for the start of class on the dates listed below. See the directions for set-up, service and break-down in the files section of the site.

CLASS ROLL 2/14 2/21 2/28 3/7 3/14 3/21 3/28 4/18 4/25 5/2 5/9 5/16
Ali,Fatima 28-Mar
Bahar,Ahsan H 2/14 28-Mar
Balbuena,Pedro 2/14 28-Mar
Cardenas,Sharleen 2/14 18-Apr
Ceng,Irene 2/14 25-Apr
Chan,Michelle Xue Er 2/21 25-Apr
Chen,Jessie 2/21 25-Apr
Chery,Jonathan E 2/21 25-Apr
Doizini,Katiana 2/21 18-Apr
Espinal,Emely M 28-Feb 2-May
Etkins,Tanzania J 28-Feb 2-May
Hada,Sharan 28-Feb 2-May
Kandros,Nicholas 7-Mar 18-Apr
Lau,Tiffany 7-Mar 9-May
Liang,Jiahui 7-Mar 9-May
Mayorga,Valery A 7-Mar 9-May
Mclean,Kyle S 14-Mar 9-May
Muzammil,Fathima 14-Mar 18-Apr
Nunez Fernandez,Miguelina J 14-Mar 16-May
Orcel,Ann-Christy 14-Mar 16-May
Ortiz Bustos,Johanna M 21-Mar 16-May
Patricio Ogando,Ericka W 21-Mar 16-May
Pierre,Aquille 21-Mar 16-May
Sanabria,Ginaira 28-Feb 21-Mar
Sherpa,Pasang L 7-Mar 28-Mar
Tobjy,Matthew L 28-Mar 2-May

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