Goodlad HMGT 1101 s16



8:30-8:40- Room Setup, Johnnie, Elisabeth, Sung Jo, Anthony & Sebastian

Coffee Making (Secure beans, grind beans, Milk, sweetners, Bain marie w/ ice, cups) Felitta,Jairo, Caleb, Melissa

Coffee service from large back table, See Diagram

8:40-9:40- Accounting Game Prof. Goodlad


9:40- Final Coffee Setup(Tasting Mat, Brewing, Carts)

9:50 Coffee Service Sebastian, Lina, Simone, LiJun (Coffee tray, rubber gloves, pulled hair)

9:55-10:10 Coffee Lecture Prof. Goodlad

10:10- Food Setup (NEXT TO LARGE COFFEE TABLE) Napkins, paper, plates, utensils

(Tabitha, Felicia, Lina, Johnnie, Teisis)  Afreeca, Sabrina, Arturo

10:15-10:35 Socializing + Food


10:35-10:50 Cleaning and Sanitation- Darryl, Tabitha, Alex, Nagisa

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