FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

Transitioning into college from high school during covid has been a frightful and worrying experience. I was entering in with no experience and guidance which made me feel constantly lost, confused and frustrated. Ive been in a private high school for the past 4 years with many restrictions and alot of advisement from my schools’s staff. Since my private religious high school was quite small, everyone knew and spent a lot of time with each other that we have become family. Transitioning from that to a college full of many different people and becoming more independent made me feel uncomfortable because I was not used to it. I was brought into a whole new world. Interacting and socializing with people is not easy for me as well because of my anxiety and shyness. At times when my teachers would ask questions or ask if we are confused, I hesitate replying back because of this nervousness. All these types of thoughts such as What if my teacher dislikes me, what if I embarrass myself, what if I annoy my classmates, what happens if I say the wrong thing, are thoughts that consume my mind and eventually make me back down from stating anything in class. The only times I would reply back would just be for the sake of my grades. That is one thing I learned about college. We have to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and search for our own answers instead of waiting for help. College is a learning experience and I hope that I will make friends that I can enjoy spending my time with and have connections with if there were ever problems with the class. In my math class, I haven’t made any friends so when I became confused on a particular part of an assignment that was due I had no way of resolving that issue because my teacher did not accept emails and I had no connections with my classmates. It was frustrating but thankfully things worked out. This made me understand how important it was to have connections with the people around you. One thing I underestimated about college was the workload. I thought that since I had only four classes with breaks between, things would be easier than high school. However, I was completely wrong about that. Even though it’s only four classes, each teacher puts a great amount of work upon the students which makes it overwhelming at times. This made me realize how easy I had it in high school . Time management and  organization is very important because if you don’t have your priorities organized not only will you be overwhelmed, but it’s easy to hand in a late assignment. As I spend more time in college I learn more lessons and gain new skills to help me for the future. No matter what your struggling with, always try to think in a positive manner and do not let the stress get to you. When I am overly stressed about not understanding I would easily fall apart and not be able to think which is a bad characteristic of mine. Thinking more positively is an important skill everyone needs in college. Currently, attending college is a bit different due to the corona virus, however I realized that this should not let this unfortunate situation bring us down but, find the good in it. There will always be pros and cons to every situation. Overall, attending city tech isn’t as bad as I thought it would be and my teachers seem nice and understanding. For most teachers, if there was ever a problem, you can easily email them and they usually respond fast which is great considering how difficult it is for them to answer every students emails. I hope that as more time passes, I will grow more comfortable and achieve more in this college.