FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

Juan Abreu


My first week at City Tech was a whole different experience for me. To start off I’ve actually never took the train or any type of transportation to get to school. Somehow I’ve always been in walking distance of every school I have gone to all my life. Getting used to taking the train in the morning can be very annoying for obvious reasons. Somedays its so packed that you cant even breath and other days it can be empty but the train can be running so slow. Something I have learned is that I should always leave my house a little earlier than usual just incase of any delays on the train. Other than the transportation the first week went pretty smooth. Although I did have to ask several people on where to go, i’ll say this though im never taking that elevator again. On the first two days it was so packed on the elevator and since I have classes on the tenth floor I decided not to walk. I find myself getting late to class if I decide to wait for the elevator, so instead I make the decision to walk to my classes everyday. Not to mention that all my classes are on floors nine, ten, and eleven, I Get out of breath but at least i’m not late. Other than that i’m so far enjoying the classes im taking and the people that im meeting on a daily basis.