FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

My first few weeks at city tech have been rough but am getting use to it. Every morning starts off the same. I get up around 3:30 to 4:00 am and head out the door about 4:50 to catch the bus.I either catch the N35, N40, or N41 bus to the bus terminal which takes about 30 minutes. Here I take the N6 bus from the Hempstead bus terminal to 179 st queens, which takes roughly 1hr and 30 minutes on a good day. From there I catch the f train which travels from queens, through Manhattan and then Brooklyn where I get off at jay street. The train commute to the school is anywhere from 50 minutes to an hour when there isn’t delays. Now I’ve finally reached school and have to endure a repetitive, low talking math professor with only a cup of coffee in my system. After clinging to consciousness for an hour and 40 minutes I have a two hour break to catch myself before English class. During this time I usually sleep, do homework, meet up with friends or get something to eat. Then it’s off to an enjoyable English class with laughter and interesting discussions. After English I start my journey with a commute that feels longer than arriving. The f train is usually crowded and delayed increasing my trip by about 30 minutes. Then I get off at 169 st to catch the N6 back to Hempstead for a trip that feels like 3 days. When I finally get to the Hempstead bus terminal, I have wait for either of the three busses I mentioned earlier in clouds of cigarette smoke, blown by the local crackheads. After about a 10 minute walk am back home. The first thing I do is take a 30 minute nap. The nap is followed by homework, a nice dinner, then a relaxing shower. After that I hit the sheets and get ready to do it all over again.